“To believe in
and not live it,
is dishonest”



“Stellario”, is dedicated to my beloved parents (Stella and Sumanadasa), who provided me with wonderful family values – strong morals, principles and beliefs.  Growing up in a little town called Nawalapitiya, our family values were the most important aspects of our lives.  When I migrated to Australia in 1986, I brought these values to my professional career that has now spanned over 25 years.


During a successful career with a world-renowned insurance company, my honesty and hard work led to global sales records, outperforming more than 7,000 other salespeople to win these awards.  With confidence in my skills and sales ability, in 2013 I took on the challenge of opening my own real estate agency.  Not many would take this risk, however I’m glad I did.  The Stellario Group is now a well-established and respected brand, committed to the same family values I grew up with.  The success of Stellario has included the growth of a busy Rental Management portfolio and the launching of the Local Business Hub, a convenient, one-stop shop in Wishart (Brisbane) that brings together real estate, legal and financial services.


Stellario Global Education Services (SGES) benefits from sharing the innovative culture and significant resources of the Stellario Group.  Delivering a boutique service, SGES is aimed at the young individual who is seeking high standards of global education in first-world countries.   Our influential brand is all about world-class customer service, from the time a student first contacts us through to the success of their chosen achievement.  We deliver the highest standards of Australian best-practice in all of our dealings to provide the best opportunities for students to move on to their next phase of their life.


The outcomes we are striving for is that students will return to Sri Lanka with the benefit of a great education, a new perspective on culture and of course, increased employment opportunities.  Some students love their host country so much they decide to work there.  With linkages to universities and colleges in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, SGES will provide the right guidance and advice to suit the unique goals of each individual.


We strive for quality over quantity when it comes to the education of our students at SGES. With my passion for achieving results, engaging with the community and contributing to charitable causes, I am committed to the success of SGES as being the most influential name in global education.

So, where will your educational journey take you?