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    Canada has become an ideal place for higher education studies, sought by many prospective international students. Many of the Canadian universities are present in reputed international rankings and a recent educational strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on increasing the number of foreign students. This welcoming invitation is one of the reasons for the nation’s increased popularity among international students.


    Canada is a friendly, safe country with a high standard of living. Low crime rates, great student health benefits and universities focused on student security and health make studying in Canada a good choice forstudents who are uneasy about personal safety while abroad. The Global Peace Index has ranked Canada among its top 10 safest countries in the world since 2013 with the country maintaining its position in the 6th place since 2015.

    Affordable Fees

    Canada is known for having some of the lowest university tuition fees among English speaking countries. Whatever your budget may be, you are guaranteed to find a university program that would be just right for you in their diverse range of degrees, certificates, and diplomas which are considered internationally equal to equivalent degrees in the U.S. and other Commonwealth countries. Canadians are serious about education, and their universities with beautiful ultra-modern campuses demonstrate that commitment.

    Cultural Diversity

    In Canada, you will find extremely warm and welcoming people of various ethnic groups with different cultures and lifestyles. The multicultural environment in Canada promotes friendliness and peaceful living. Bringing in over 120,000 international students each year and with over 50% of the population not speaking English as their first language, you will be surrounded by a large multicultural environment, in the classroom, as well as in society.


    When the major educational institutions of the world adjusted to technological innovations, Canada played a great role and remains at the forefront of technology trends. It has consistently been an international leader in computer and information technologies and has a reputation for excellence in such sectors as telecommunications, transportation, and engineering. These technological trends also play an active role in the higher education system of Canada and thus improves students learning experience at university.

    Academic Excellence

    Canada is recognized worldwide for their outstanding quality of education from elementary school to post-secondary studies. At the university level, 2 out of every 5 academics hold at least one international degree. There’s a wide array of Canadian institutions to choose from, but whether you attend a university, college or vocational school, there’s no doubt that you will receive a world class Canadian education. 26 of Canada’s universities rank in the ‘QS World University Rankings’ and 27 of them in the ‘THE World University Rankings’.


    One of the main reasons as to why Canadian education stands unique is because of its strong focus on research and development. The government of Canada offers great support to research in the disciplines of medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology. Even at the undergraduate level, students get to engage in intriguing experiments and projects, meant to provide them with a complete study experience, based on innovation and forward thinking.

    Students who have successfully completed their Advanced Levels may apply for an Undergraduate course whereas students who have only completed their Ordinary Levels may apply for a Foundation course. Graduates are eligible to apply for Postgraduate courses.

    The time it takes from your application submission to when you receive your visa may vary due to various factors. In order to avoid any delays and inconveniences we advise that you meet with our team at least 6 months before the intake for which you intend on applying.

    Student visa holders are permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight as per visa conditions.

    Your spouse will be entitled to travel with you as a dependent when applying for a Postgraduate course or an Undergraduate course.

    Each university has their own range of scholarships on offer. Our team will assist you in searching and applying for eligible scholarships if you are.

    The minimum English language requirements for each university may differ based on their application criteria. Our team will assist you in finding out the minimum requirements for the university to which you wish to apply.

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