Lucky Ramya Tennekoon | Stellario Global Education Services

Stellario group is headed by Ms Lucky Ramya Tennekoon, a sales professional turned entrepreneur with globally recognized achievements.

Lucky’s contribution to Stellario isn’t limited to the world class business standards and work culture but extends to the high level of ethical values and the company’s pledged mission to brighten lives and make a better world.

Lucky Ramya Tennekoon

Founder / Director

Mark is a dedicated and passionate leader with a versatile skill set developed through senior management roles in the community sector, a Solicitor in private practice, and diverse professional and administrative roles in the public and corporate sectors. Mark describes his role as Group General Manager at Stellario as being “the conductor of the orchestra”, providing strategic leadership across all areas of the business including governance, finance, operations, marketing, administration, human resources and quality control.

Mark Thomson

General Manager
Lucky Ramya Tennekoon | Stellario Global Education Services
Amanda Guyes | Stellario Global Education Services

Very enthusiastic and dedicated to her career, Amanda is also a very caring and analytical individual who understands the students very well and identifies the right path for them. Amanda is qualified in business management and has an expertise in diversified sectors including public relations, creative writing and event management. An ardent nature lover & philosophy enthusiast, she’s fond of Stellario for our out-of-the box thinking and passion for innovation.

Amanda Guyes

Student Counsellor / Admissions

With his very positive attitude and friendly personality, Sahan makes finance and administration a very pleasant topic at Stellario. Being a diversely talented, multi-tasking individual, Sahan is also well capable of handling student counselling and visa consultation.  Sahan is qualified in business management and brings a wealth of experience in accounting and finance. And as he says, Stellario is where he can forget about conventional job profiles and dare explore new heights; in fact that’s what makes us different

Sahan Narangoda

Student Counsellor / Admin and Finance
Sahan Narangoda | Stellario Global Education Services